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Pretty Lies

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Your cotton colored crevices continue to shine under the ivory of your lies

Piling up dents of truths as your beauty allows forgiveness from demy goddess eyes

Smooth bent truths broken loose in a disguise of pale blue future skies

But why, oh why must your true feelings of love be hidden and denied


Yellow hot hearts smelter into some dark archaic tomb of kings

Shadowing around cooling down then reincarnated back up into night steam

We just are- no matter what desperate lies that hides in between your seams

Burns upon the love we make prove these blisters are more than just a dream


Kisses melt our tongues as they slash against our needs

But to all your friends I’m a late night joke to keep upon my knees

These cutting words stab into me scraping scabs that make me bleed

But behind closed crying midnight doors alone you beg me not to leave


And of course, I would never - could never - shake loose your lovely leaves

The winds that blow through our tree is warmer than we both concede

But lies must die or your friends will sigh as I release your lying spree

And hiding under clear blue demy eyes will only be a pretty dream



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"I'm a late night joke to keep upon my knees" Powerful line brother... I can feel the hurt in this poem... nobody likes to be denied the truth, especially when it comes to love. Well done my friend

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