The Show Is Over.

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The Show Is Over.

I feel my time is done here
I feel I have said all there is to say
I have done all I needed to do
I played a game that never went my way.

My heart is heavy with emotion
Soaked in my blood sweat and tears,
It has been drained of what has been spoken,
It has been aged by more than its years.

My belief has been fed with disillusion,
And I have been blinded by too many lies,
Too many promises now lay broken,
Always a fool for those baby blue eyes.

My dreams have been held to ransom,
Wings clip and chained to the ground,
They now walk only within the shadows,
They do not speak nor make any sound.

So I have now closed and lock the door,
Turned out the light and closed the curtains,
For I believe my time is done here,
And now I have to draw that final curtain.

There is no encore,
There are no more words left to say.
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