You and I

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You and I

Bare faces branded in our truth

Raw lies cut loose in our eyes

Can’t hide from

You and I

 A point now moot


Under an unreliable sun

We had become

The love all hope to be

But we could not succeed

But for awhile

When you and I

Were each others destiny


We tamed love

Rode wild sunsets

Set seductive wishes free

Didn’t I

Didn’t you

Have so much love for

You and me


But beat up hearts

Turn in time began to fall

On both our faces

In all our places

Finding dead end walls

Falling outs

From your tears

The fault that fell on them

Was mine

And so unforgivable dear

It was me

Who lost

True love for

You and I


Memories are just backs

Sacks filled with empty air

Endless sighs

Of the “who knows why”

Loves skin became so scared

A heat once so unstoppable

Burnt down and died

Like some old friend

The flames and fires

Along with desire

Blown away in the winds

Of you and I


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