My Friend Sal Stutton

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Surreptitiously spying around the room
For a chance to make his move
Sal waits upon his heels
And won't act out what he feels

The only thing that can save him is a woman
Yet to get a woman
He must be saved. 'Tis a vicious game
We play

Sal Stutton stops thinking of ways to get laid
This doesn't work. He tries to get laid. Still
No success. Even the girls he manages to talk to
For more than a minute he cannot impress.

One day, came, and passed away.
Wishing to be in a place of love
Sal grows desperate
And his mind begins to fade

Disassociation is Sal's best friend
In a five dollar bottle of cherry flavored syrup
His mind rushes down his body's runway
And takes off into the night

Sal crawls deep down into his soul
Darkness deserving is he
Escaping from hisself is his only goal
Struggling to be

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