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Fisher Kings marriage proposal

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let me lie here next to you. all i will do is look at you. i will look at you in surprise and ecstatic love each time i find a new curve that i had not seen before. exploration underway.

the warmth i get from your body is like that of a bear and his fleece in hibernation. throw away these duvets for i need them not, let the world see how naked bodies and salivate upon the heat.

 as we lie here, my pirate chick, and i think of all the time that i spent on busying myself with work and leaving i realise that i was subconsciously removing myself from people, from life and from hope.

its seems extravagantly pathetic, my old life, but when i look into your eyes or feel your breath or the tingling sensation when we touch i understand that nothing shall ever be the same. you changed me, i feel like a king.

all the possibility flashing through my eyes, all the thrills flashing up my nerves like im expensive, a rare commodity like gold or honor.

oh my Pirate chick, will you stay with me forever. make sure my life stays this way. make sure i always feel wanted, like i want you. it sounds selfish, i know, but this thing you have instilled through my veins is like a drug. i shall never let it, let you, go.

Completely under your influence, i would die for you, i would kill for you i will defend you and our house for as long as i am alive.

right now under the stars and with the heat you have given me, i am driven by mad courage to ask for your hand in marriage.

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This is my favorite of yours so far! I am not a lushy romantic but I enjoyed this very much so

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