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fall from grace

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a flick of her wrist and the hope of the dream was metered out in a short bang. all hope lost.

the treasure she took from me my sanity my time my fishing rope and the fishing line

she took my boat and drank all my wine i need an alley to cover up my poverty.

i dont think you can understand the big bang theory until your heart has been broken

cataclysmic, eyes turn turn to space and find the cosmic and the blood drained from your hear

the love i had for this woman, my Pirate chick, i allowed her to influence my every move

constant adoration dwelled in my home and fellatioed into ironic beauty. me, a fisher man

she turned me, twisted and warped my fruit and my loin, she has left me gaping

then she burned my skin and and my name, the hate every person now has for me, why did i help her

how could i mock myself that a character of her posture could admire me for who i am

the game she played, horrific and so inexplicably cruel, her intentions only are they now clear to me

she raised up my banner and offered to swing it in my breeze and created a king of me and then,

and then she burned my coat of arms with a passion, her face contorted with disgust for my very being. she burnt out my spark as if it was a flicker of a wax candle. My life corroded in her grasp before my very eyes. 

heavy and belated are my sorrows, time not left wanting now for my tears, once again a humble fisherman but with that taste and lust for power and corruption. i am tainted. even the best of us can become vagabonds and notorious black sheep.  

i wonder if should stand up that i will topple hard once again.

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I like this very much Especially the lines- the treasure she took from me, my sanity... my Pirate chick Love it! Thx

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