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          THE PHONE CALL

An uneventful evening at home alone

mistaken was I ring went the phone

No-one was on the end just static down the line

hanging up the receiver I glanced at the time

Midnight the witching hour who would call so late

My mind raced with possibilities, I was in a state,

Slowly sitting back in my chair, a whisper caught my ear,

A breath of air tickled my face, maybe someone else was here,

I asked aloud, but no reply, indeed  I was alone,

silence was once again broken, by the ringing of the phone,

Quickly jumping to my feet, a dead line was all I heard,

No noise, not a mutter, not a single word,

Peculiar thought I, my phone must be broken,

who would ring at this ungodly hour without a word spoken,

So I reached for the socket, and unplugged my phone,

settled down  for the night , in my cosy home,

Feet up on the sofa,  relaxed as I could be,

enjoying a snack and a drink, just watching T.V.

The screen begins to flicker, then gently fades to black,

I approach it, curse it, and give it a gentle tap,

whilst off my comfy seat, the phone let's out a shriek,

that's impossible... it's unplugged... the line is in-complete,

I check the phone, and right I was, no way a ring could sound,

I pick the phone up off the table, and wrap the cord around,

briskly walk to my front door, and find it open wide,

My rushing fear surfaces, no longer can it hide,

Who is here, what do they want, how did they get in,

Once again the phone goes off, RING....RING...RING.

This unplugged phone is sounding, it's ringing in my hands,

I put it to my ear, and a  man's deep voice demands,

"LEAVE!"....he scream's, my body shivered , hairs began to rise,

Something sharply moved behind me, and took me by surprise,

As I turned a man stood there, with evil in his face,

Lurking in the shadows, bellowing....".LEAVE THIS PLACE",

His attire was of a different time, his face a ghoulish white,

as long as I live, I swear to you, I will never forget that night,

I left at that moment, and never  returned,

but later on there was something I learned,

The first owner of my home, was murdered in his bed,

he thinks he still owns my house......he doesn't know he is dead.

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I liked this very much Thanks

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This was delightful. I can't say that it scared me, but I really enjoyed it. Well paced, nice rhyming that you sustained throughout the entire piece. I would enjoy seeing more of your material. More please!

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This was great! The suspense and horror was there throughout and by the end I did feel a bit scared.

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