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Pondering upon the enormous amount of evidence found in the alien phenomena both interplanetary and inter-dimensional; the amount of credible witnesses with flawless backgrounds and many a times high clearance levels government officials; the ancient artifacts and mysteries that seem to scream at us “yes we have been here since the beginning and we don’t intent to stop any time soon”.
 The famous Arecibo coded message with our DNA structure, the technology we posses and the solar system with our exact location within the system, detailed description of basic social structure and government, the man in charge of this “human greeting card” was none other than the renown astronomer Carl Sagan.
Silicon creatures answered in the form of a complex crop-circle in a field in England. Seems like the scientific community and the ones in power, failed to inform the public.
Our governments never told the people about the extraordinary developments that would take place and the change of consciousness that would occur shortly after. We went into the final test unprepared, confused and afraid; we were blind cattle marching in the dark.
Not to defend those who didn´t inform and left us stray but now I see how the brightest and greatest of our kind reached the conclusion they did.
Nobody would’ve believed it unless they saw it with their own eyes, nobody would’ve listen to anyone talking about it unless they had actually experience it, and nobody would’ve thought that reality was so unreal and so harsh, so incredibly harsh.
The truth was so simple yet so terrible: we are genetically engineered as a species by an advance alien race with the sole purpose of harvesting gold for the Gods.
All the myths, all the stories, folklore, paintings, songs, even the bible; those were all warnings we cleverly ignored.
Now the Gods are here, they demand to know what happened to the ones they left in charge and how corruption got into the very core of their enterprise and how easy it is for them to put an end to this unnatural growth of both greed and blasphemy.
“It has to be undone…Everything will start over; (humans) have never surpassed their own ignorance” Enki, Alien commander of the pyramidal spaceship that hovers over former China day and night.

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