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Tormented by hubrists

object-sexuals in sight

soulless psyches

born festering in factory lines

human-like machines embedded with multiplying adding subtracting dividing

beautiful androids

devoid of emotion

incapable of discerning

a culture of rapidity lunacy and implosion

conforming to one point of view

internally corroding and stolid

Tell me what is the remedy?

Seems like there's no place for me in this vicinity

The masses become polarized

while dreamers are dying in Bedlam

The worship of cash-cows continues

Forever on trial

Forever exempt

Forever downtown

Where they meet one another in secret

Far from the crowds

Why must I see these things

and care to reflect?

The New Metropolis is here

in Bedlam

Perhaps I am only human

a vertebrate mammal

unlike the androids

I lust to live--truly live!

We no longer cry in Bedlam

unlike generations long ago

who did not live a lie

How I hate this--Living a lie

I can no longer stomach

Filled with ignorance, intolerance, and apathy

We watch daily on the screens

What they tell us to see

What they tell us to believe

Big Brother creeping, watching, monitoring me

I write this down in my hidden diary:

I go home to see the holograms

and I want to cry...

Forcing myself to breathe in these toxins

in Bedlam

I gasp for air-- inhaling the last collective good

Taking a deep breath

Outside my window I see

the murky merciless sky

Cold and distant to me

Drowning me into an opaque abyss

The Sun no longer shines here--its radiance long disappeared

Illuminating nothing

in the dismal whirlpool of Bedlam

that sucks me in

I can almost cry--I feel the pain inside

It sends shivers down my spine

But my body holds back the tears

Disdaining from fear--and I scream

but what escapes my mouth is 

nothing more than

a silent wheeze

in Bedlam

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