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American Dream

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I thought I knew the dream

That everlasting faithful thing

Full of naive hopes for deluded minds

To tell such a lie should be a crime

I thought I knew the dream was alive

I saw it in pictures magazines on the screen

Atop skyscrapers on billboards forever in motion on TV

I thought America stood for much more

than false hopes and apathetic ghosts

Soulless leeches devouring us inside-out

Malicious tapeworms hungry for more

Eager for bloodshed, poverty, and scorn

We blame ourselves for their mistakes

I thought America cared about its faults

But it seems most are afraid to even talk

Afraid to engage and question what we're dealt

Fearful of learning, seeking,

Fearful of speaking the truth

So that we may earn our place in the world

And not in the slums and the ghettos

Yet we cast the merciless blind eye,

The superficial tone, savoring the jokes

We must laugh at even though

We are numbed cold to the bone

With "Reality TV" and computer screens

Celebrities and instant anything, everything

Fashion trends to follow and lesser known trends to ignore

If this is bliss

I must be ill

Sick in the head

If this is happiness

This is not the American Dream

I've heard of many times

I've dreamt of many times

I've yearned for nearly all my life

This is nothing close

This is a disgrace

What a waste

To believe in something no longer robust,

Dying painfully on her corporate deathbed,

Assuage me please--for I still want to believe--the American Dream!

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We as a nation are a disgrace. Have you heard the song "American Trash?' Love it! Thanks for the truth...

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