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Isn’t it wonderful how

A seed becomes a tree

How a small river

Can turn into the big sea

How the hive needs every bee

How every lock

Has a fitted key

How butterflies

Blend in with

Autumn leaves.


Isn’t it wonderful

How the stars

Shine at night

How the runt of a

Litter can have the

Sharpest bite

How broke and

Battered people

Can still fight

How someone on the

Wrong path can

Find the right

How in the darkness

Of the night it’s

The moon that

Gives us light.


Isn’t it wonderful how

Broken hearts still mend

How the Paper

 Meets the pin

How writing  was

Able to begin

How even the most

Righteous can still sin

How branches bend to

The will of the wind.


Isn’t it wonderful how

Your life can feel like a

Complete mess when

All you really need is some

Open air and a little rest


Isn’t it wonderful how

Day still shifts to night

How when we make a small

Mistake we might be able

To make right


Isn’t it wonderful  how

Time is the only thing

That never really stops

How two lovers can

Tie that special knot


Isn’t it wonderful how

The rain can wash

Away your pain

How something you lost

Can be another’s gain

How even happy moments

Can be an emotional drain

How the air smalls

After a summer rain


Isn’t wonderful how

Ice sickles can look like

Alligator teeth

How clouds can be

Any shape you seek

How your words

Can have meaning

When you speak.


Isn’t it wonderful how

We get the chance to be

All we can be

How unclear things

Can eventually be seen

How untrimmed grass

Blows gently in the breeze

How everyone gets

The chance to be free


Isn’t it wonderful how

Things are the way they are

How we are always

Reaching for the

Brightest  star

How the everyday world

Can push us too far

How the most beautiful

Places can never

Be reached by car


Isn’t it wonderful how

The ones hurt the

Most can have the

Strongest will

How the balance

Of nature can

Make you feel

How the world

I see can  be

Remembered here still.

Isn’t it wonderful? 

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