Love is a Rock

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The river flows

Sediments sinking slowly

No more sentimental currents to fight

Love against all odds

Sinking down into a wet night



Freely encouraged

In loves river gorge

Swirling curling

Then down it goes

Love as a rock

In faults and folds

Sediments of love

Falling like snow


Layers of lies

Falling little flies

For the bottom feeders

Fragments can’t hide

From river banks of sorrow

Onto the bottom they slide

Compacted and cemented

In loves tomorrow


The gravity of love

Lowers us

To bottoms

Bedding down souls

Below the current

Scaling away

Into compacted lime

Where does loves time go?


 Who taught us these lies?

Love forever

Love is blind

Love is a river

Love is unkind

Love never dies


Caught in these tides

Of lies

Precambrian Eons

Vestiges of the vanquished

Layer after layer

Time after time

Lie after lie

In bottoms of rivers

We wait our turn

Rocks of love


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