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the lair

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oh i have a desire of pale blues to ensnare

what would you have me do. i cant get tired

pluck the legs of spiders the ones that read our fate

the third dimension is far away from my mind

the gate is enclosed in the hope i'll find my blonde haired demon

the sparkly lights the frozen lakes the codes all to be cracked

the sign of dressed wounds to be healed in due course

the powers that drain us are held at the source

forget me nots are blue like ice and water, the eyes turn red

apparently the demonstration was held yesterday, so where was i

fighting for love, for my life from within a coma

the pirate chick was there and she told me of fishermen

theses men of blue tidal water they all became kings

the power they held could lead our fate astray

did i mention i was the demon doing good in this world

the balance of the world turned upside down by desire

the feroscity killed the water and it transformed all the birds

 but the fishermen kept me swinging through fishnets and pink rupees

while the goading pirate chick forced her will upon the arches

high high high above us the golden arches swing for a terrace

but the terrace is in blazing sunlight and are singed by the touch

pirate chick fighting. fishermen floating and me in the two thirds left

without a grace and memory of events and understanding

who knew that what happens next is we see into ourselves

the enemies could not forsee such fortune in the manipulative braves

so i stand on pride rock all ablazed in glorious notions

the freedom of chaos and the speed of ascent will rise so lonely

but loneliness and love and heart break and power are just a state of mind

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Surreal in nature, I had a bit of trouble following along, and felt some line breaks needed tending to. Other than that I enjoyed the piece.

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which line breaks do you think need work Al? i will have a look

Soi-Disant, The Blue Roof

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