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Sleeping Pill

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Sleeping Pill

Laying there in the darkness he stroked her hair running his fingers deep
While bathed in a night light she took a moment before she began to weep
The tear track down and round his thigh for the duvet to reap
She had a secret she wanted to tell, a secret she could no longer keep,

She didn't move, she had no need, this connection was perfect,
She couldn't see his face, or hear him breathe, this moment was private,
The silence of the night, the forgotten conversations, filled the room and yet,
The beating of her heart, thundered inside, hesitant at release of this secret.

'You,' she said 'you are my sleeping pill,' she paused to find the will, 'with only you I can lay still,'
'And here when I am laying in your arms, I am dreaming.' she was speaking without thinking, 'cos I know you are there protecting.'
'I never thought I would escape the reality.' she thought about days before he, 'I thought I was chained to the demons for eternity'
'So don't ever leave me, please don't ever set me free, for never again, would I sleep.'

He smiled with pride, he loved this girl, this girl who lay on his thigh,
And she smiled satisfied, as she loved this man, and needed him by her side,
He held her tighter, he pulled her in close, and she let out a contented sigh,
And the room fell back into silence, as the words faded, of the secret she could confide.

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I second that! Beautiful

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