Were you happy?

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There once was a time when if asked

To smile for the camera you gladly did

Tobacco considered relatively harmless

And gasoline was ludicrously cheap

Good music not yet

worn out by

Mass consumption via FM and TV

And captain had no doubts about

Sailing past the horn into Red Sea

Manifestations of the shaking frenzy

Were although genuine but few

And in the land of many tongues

My love and I commanded one or two

There still were flames to stare at

And instincts to buoyantly ignore

Through halls of guilty consciousness

Intoxicated we stumbled to and fro

It was then that I witnessed first

The feeding of the universal beast

Enlightened and enraged I couldn’t

Help but feel as penetrated pleased

And should one of these days the question

Of happiness be raised by the great Overdog

I’ll bow my head in shame, point and say

‘Yes I was, there, My Lord’

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