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Freedom and Anxiety

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The worst mistake you can make

is to assume the way things are is 

the way they have to be,  

to forget these chains are all your own - 

they are but self-imposed;


But so it goes.


Choice is the choice you must choose to choose. 


(But, the possibilities of whats to lose!)

Oh, you assume that what you have belongs to you?

(My life! My love! My my my my mine)

Your life is but a passing of time - 

(I am happy here!)

And you can be happy there

(And what of my family and friends?)

A new connection is made as each old one ends

(I am content with myself, thank you!)


Contentedness is medicine for the confused.  

Give me anxiety!  Show me the new!  

I want to learn and to fear

year after year after year after year

I want to yearn and to cheer

(But I have a career!)


How disappointing to think they will say: 

“Here lies a man: he did his job.  Hooray!, 

His life was a factory of days

same after same after same after same.

Now let us pray.”  


(How can I know which choices to choose?)

You can’t.

(I want them all!) 

There isn’t world nor time enough.

(Then show me which ones I ought to pursue!)

That I cannot do. 

The world is indifferent, 

to me and to you, 

It does not care how we go through. 

(Then I am alone?)

Then you are alone. 

(How can this be?)


Anxiety!  Disquiet me!  

Unveil, for me, all of life’s uncertainties!

I want to know them all.

I want to love them all - to make them my own, 

I want to dance with apprehension, to feel out of place, 

I want to break and to burst!

I want to wander the world in wonder, 

with hunger and thirst.


(Oh... please)

Yes, please.



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but what if I get there and can't find my way? Love it

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I loved the unabashed use of punctuation in this piece as a poetic device and the closed-but-open-and-still-unkown ending.

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