The Paradox of the Heap

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No matter which way you approach it:
There seems to be a point in life
a distinction  
between when you are 
and when you aren’t. 

Whether you were once nothing  
and through the constant
additions of time and experience  
you became something. 

Or if you were something   ;
and through the constant 
subtractions of time and experience, 
you regressed into nothing. 

But either way: there is a distinctive point, 
when you can declare: 
I am – or – 
I am no longer. 

And I wonder
if we can select the exact point in our lives
when that distinction was met, or surpassed, and
what sort of piece was added or removed 
that made the difference? 

And which one is better? 
To be or not to be? 
or neither?
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