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maybe you would feel better if i

had a tight ass gripping leather skirt


and ass kicking boots following my

legs all the way way up to what


you think he is looking for and found

in the dark between my thighs late


at night i know it would put out the

smoldering coals of your minor


league jealousy to hear that i promised

him euphoria and he only relented to


the pounding of my techno trance

and fishnet negligee barely holding on


if only i could have double Ds

with faint scars and a metal bar


through my tongue to pleasure him

with a pointed end to stab your heart

i won't tell you then that he came to me

caught in the lock of eyes into my soul


and i spend more time thinking about my own

indiscretions than worrying about other's faults


and their paper doll girlfriends back home

 i guess you're not interested in how we


never kissed but cheated nonetheless

when our bodies had the safest


sex possible over a glass of chocolate

milk and the undressing of our minds


don't mind that i sway to count basie

and confide in duke ellington when i'm


alone and i have never even owned

a pair of hooker boots although i do


have the legs for them just think

that all women are seductresses


on an evil mission and it would never

happen to you and could never be you

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