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I Can't Let You Go

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When your alarm wakes me up 
I squeeze my eyes shut. 
I hope it is just a dream 
I don't want to get up yet. 
Then you roll over to turn it off... 
I sigh with dismay. 
You roll back towards me  
And bury your face in my neck. 
God this kills me.  ;
I know what's coming next, 
You'll pull your head up, and look at me. 
A kiss on the cheek. 
I tighten my grip, 
I refuse to let you go. 
You sit up to fix your hair, 
I know, I know, it's a lost cause. 
I can't help it, 
I wrap around your waist because 
I love, you in my arms. 
You sigh, stuck inbetween "haves and wants". 
You want to stay in bed, 
But you have to get up. 
Sigh, another kiss on the cheek. 
I feel you pull out of my arms, 
And you'd think I'd be used to it by now. 
No matter, everytime sucks just like the last. 
As I watch you get your clothes from the dresser, 
I pray you'll decide not to go.. 
I'll try to pull you back down, 
you'll sigh, I'll sigh, I just don't want to let you go. 
Kiss on the cheek, kiss on the forehead. 
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss. 
Ugh, I'm begging you, please don't go. 
You go to change, and I get up. 
You're at the sink, 
And I'll hold you around the waist. 
I'm sorry, 
I just won't let you go. 
I'll kiss you on the cheek but 
This won't help, you're going to leave soon. 
Hug, Kiss. 
Don't go. 

It's not my fault. 
I can't let you go. 

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