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This Is The Part When My Body Crumbles

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This is the part when my whole body crumbles.

It shakes and twists

Turning flipping aching.

I have been here before

Twice to be exact.

The same I want to puke

but I cant move.

I start to sweat

My body is over heating.
As my heart races

My head starts to pound.

This isnt working anymore,

Love isn't always enough.

Despite our attempts,

Our fighting nature.

It beat us,

Distance ripped us apart,

Even though we swore,

To each other;

We were stronger than this.

I want to cry but not even that

Will express the pain I feel.

You have my heart,

You tried to keep it safe,

The best you could.

But 300 and some miles..

Well it ripped this all to shreds.

Maybe we were foolish,

To think we were better than the warnings.

Knowing it was hard just wasnt enough.

I guess nothing lasts forever.

You say I love you, I say I'll love you forever.

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