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Please, Never Forget

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I don't know how I got like this.
Nothing makes sense
I've been to the bottom but..
But this is different.
This is a side of me that I don't like.
A side I never thought could exsist.
So bitter so mad so jealous..

I know I tell you all the time: :
"You're my everything"
"You mean the world to me"
"I can't see myself without you"
"I love you"
And as soon as something sets me off,
Well none of that means anything.
I've been trying to figure out
Just how to get you to see that
I only want you, for always.

I know we're young with a lot to learn.
And if there comes a time
Where we aren't meant to be, 
I want you to remember..
You're the first person I ever loved,
The only one I trusted, 
And cared for over anyone else.
The only one I saw that made me a better person.

"I'm sorry" is something that has come to mean anything but.
I'm tired of the fighting,
The hurt that slowly,
Painfully rips us apart.
I want to make this right,
Make this work they way we thought it would 2 months ago.

So consider this a clean slate,
You've hurt me and I've hurt you.
I want to forget everything I dwell on,
Forget everything in the back of my mind
That tells me this won't work.
Because one time somebody 
Who I love with all of my heart said
"It will work, if we want it to work.. and I've never wanted anything more".
And I want that more than ever.

Please never forget,
I'm 100%, head over heels,
Out of this world..
In love with you 

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i hope it works out good for this couple.

Soi-Disant, The Blue Roof

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It did. =) Thanks for your comment.

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