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Sickened by the very movement you make to grow

Sickened by the very movement you make to eat

Sickened by the very movement you make to move

Sickened by the very movement you make to live.

Inside me you grow, eat, move and live.

I vomit; get headaches, pains, and fatigue.

All to ensure life is passed on through me.

I ignore what you do to me for the better part of a year,

Knowing what to come is much worse than the symptoms previous.

You will become ten times the size of what you will come out of,

I will stretch beyond what most humans think possible to let life’s circle continue.

I will be accompanied by pain, anger, sorrow, and joy, throughout this whole process.

Until this oddly gross, but beautiful life custom finishes its path and you arrive.

As you arrive you will be so odd looking but beautiful,

Alien like but human,

Small but Big,

A true blessing in disguise.

You will always be a part of my body, my soul, my mind, my everything,

You will be a part of me,

You will be a part of my life.

You will be my creation, my gift, my blessing.

For the entire world to see grow, live, and prosper.

I will, love, respect, honor, and car for you till death take me away.

The struggles throughout the process of creating you and ensuring a healthy entrance to the world are buried within me,

 Knowing that when I hold you, and look in to your eyes for the first time, they will disappear forever.

Eyes of innocence,

A new Breath,

A new chance,

New opportunity of change.

You are the new world.

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