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The Power of Dreams

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I sat there naked...but I was fire I saw you just a blur before my eyes but it was everything and I needed you
So I closed my eyes and spoke... and tried to draw you in to my mind closer and closer because I knew the image before me was not you
A moving image of body and face that I know so well, and yet not enough to say to me "this is him"...
I wanted you here, in this desolate space of town and concrete, closer... but I felt you straying from my mind
Going somewhere I couldn't follow, and it hurt me deep inside...the tears know their cue by now.
So vivid have been my dreams, so dark and so light, powerful and yearning, sparks lit by their own intensity...
Maybe this place of dreams is too strong and desirable to bring out into the world, but I could not leave it to dust, and the locked prisons of mind, I cannot leave it to past.
The first kiss replays over and over in my head, driving me sane... because it was real, and so are you

But this place of dreams is driving me to the edge...and will not stop to push me down
So I pray that below is a pool of cool water, to capture me in its cradle...and whisper to me,
"He is here for you, still here...saving you"

Ti amo he says... ti amo, ti amo, ti amo

"I just wish our dreams to come true... to make the light in your eyes return, and the light in mine.
To make us both happy, god knows the dangers of hopes and dreams...but we know their strength."

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This is really deep and quiet powerful. I like the opening image, a old country cottage, with winter knocking at the windows.
Is love but a dream?

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For some I guess...but who is to say dreams are not reality in themselves? Thank you for all your words "R"

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