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Alice in...

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 Angels a-flutter inside the minds of men

The Mad hatter by design whispering

My name Alice but I was not her

I lay broken by a shattered mirror

In chains my heart a twisted grapevine

Nauseating sweat sustained by time

And my dress was the colour of slain red

Virtue was not mine to claim, play by rules

Of a wicked Devil’s game

I let the sun blind my eyes, once upon a time

I let all fairytale beginnings die

My name was not Alice

The cat’s eyes could not follow me ahead

The darkness swathed all steps I did tread

But I once did paint a picture, inside your head

Of an angel and a fairytale

And all of my beginnings had an end

In the deep mysteries of time incessant

Amongst the soaring skies, I once did ascend

And I wandered the trapeze silk below the moon

Above the fair in the midsummer night of June

My hair once the strongest cord of gold, now a fray

A torn and twisted vine, severed ends in sheer disarray

I once used to lie upon my back beneath the Milky Way

But all is lost to my own self, now reclining in grey

“No one to cry to, no place to call home”

Not even that yawning hole, I once fell through

Raped in my youth, of sense and sensibility

That desert of lies could never be true

The madness I could make myself believe

I dare not again speak, dare not again breathe

Dare not again believe

What sanity I must have held, has patently left me

“Am I wrong? Have I run too far to get home?”


Would you believe the skies burn tonight?

From all tears I have cried, into the silence

The fear of silence I cannot fight

All mistakes I made will hurt my skin

What pale flesh I had, glows red

And the problem of obsession clusters within

This girl, now woman still fears the menace

Of Wonderland, behind the existent screen

And she still plays those cards, for all to see

The victim and the dealer had always been me

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quite a lot captured in your words here
thank you

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Thank you :)... I used music to drive the fantasy and writing "R"

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Hey "R" everyone is "Raving" about the stranger I am, but this I heard it threw the grapvine is some fine shit. Is Alice chasing rabbits?

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love love love

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Yeah, she's like chasing some rabbits or something, ... I just wonder if the song lyrics in quotes are just as obvious. Thank you! I always preferred "Through the Looking-Glass" however. "R"

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