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The Untouchable

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I am the crazy old cat lady that lives all alone

I am the loner at school who no one really knows

I am the bookworm the weirdo the freak

I am the creep looking out my window

trying to catch a glimpse of passersby on the street

I am the teacher's pet the quiet one, the shy one

I am the outsider, with a magnifying glass...

Observing, yearning, learning...

Through the looking glass

I am the geek, the nerd, the loser

Trying to fit in but utterly losing

I am the enigma (ha), the wallflower, the maiden

Looking for that someone, who understands--Could it be?


That's wishful thinking on my behalf

To believe you are my better half

To believe I have a better half!

For I am the introverted extrovert

No sticks and stones but


Trying to learn--to comprehend

The lesson of life and

Utterly failing, left behind

I know what they say:

"Out of sight

Out of mind"

But I am the pariah, the misfit,

The Untouchable--who sees all

And what most never see, yet

I am human above all

Longing to Be

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You're describing an outsider, a steppenwolf, a writer.

Joshua Hennen
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True, but I am also describing myself.

Thank you for your feedback.

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