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Lights gone on and the stage is set for another amusing yet trivial expedition into someone else’s mind. And do we mind. No. the space we left we move away from our day to day consciousness to this is quite quite pleasant. A bit like duck in orange sauce or shooting a pheasant. Just pleased that I hit a moving target. that’s what some of these stars think. Causing cataclysmic explosions out there in that space that we left unguarded for them to filter through. Like a black hole of fortune it grew and grew. 

And action as the moment starts to happen. Of all the things they could have rolled onto, ashen ladies and into forbidden purple hazes they have to hit their brother. A star or a star in the making destroys itself if it destroys someone else. Such a pain. What if it hit close to home and the emotions started to flow. Get in touch with yourself. Nurse your weary arms, eyes, legs and ears back to worse health and maybe they will all look after you maybe they will look out for you too.

The stars that do all the talking. The bigger the brighter the faster the louder vibrations singing in total harmony with the worlds they are surrounded by and invited into. They love it otherwise why would they carry on and do it. How can they feel the strains on their being when they are stars both gigantic and fantastic in all manner of rainbow colours simply astounding. Nut if they did it then why cant I. The child fan admirers enquire. it’s the style it’s the glow the burning up of pavements alcohol time and energy and putting that compressed fire into something so small and tightly wound in precision for a two minute and thirty second period. And when it explodes you see it for millennia to come. They will never be forgotten and they grasp into your most rotten souls. They are perfect and progressive.

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Sometimes the greatest insult comes from the quiteness of the soul. Thank You. Both of your works made me feel like I was laying on the grass during a firework show. Do it again papa.

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cheers mate

Soi-Disant, The Blue Roof

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