Absolute Certainty

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Homage to Harold Pinter after reading his poem 'Death" and on the nature of certainty after hearing an interview with a mother who refuses immunization for her child:

What do we know?

Do we know anything?

Do we know nothing?

Do we know?

How do we know?

Do we know through knowing?

Do we know through knowledge?

Do we know as the crow knows?

Who knows what we know?

Is everyone an expert?

Is none an expert?

Are there any experts?

Does being an expert mean knowing?

If you just know that you know are you an expert?

Does saying you just know mean you know?

In our knowing is there knowledge

In our knowledge is there knowing?

Is there certainty in knowing?

Does knowledge bring certainty?

Is knowing anything or nothing?

Is knowing everything?

What do we know?

p.s. 77% of Americans believe that prayer has accounted for the rapid recovery of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Elinor M. Holbrook, January 29, 2011

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