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Note: Now a year past this piece yet sadly timely.


The power of the spoken Poem: "Are you (listening)/hearing me down there?" -Vampyres of Leisure



Randall knows about

The Island sure & quickly

as Jack Robinson

from here to St. Kitts, It's not

juste any mystery, none


for them who know, n'est-ce

pas?fault? what fault? abide the


line, b'tween blue water-black holes

another JC-Betraynd


the truths held & sel-

dom told, 'bout the Prince-au-Port

demons' Haitiwork

& The Book Of Agenda

as right-eous as Robertson


hard rain, unswell ground-

swell came to a'ready swollen

bellies & near to

eliminated int'rest

'cept...right-as-wrong as the song


not awant to play

that way...a temp folks'

song,  je ne sais quoi...

& so, another atoll

demolished, abolition


abolished, gone with

the tolling place, a soundless

idea Haiticare

soilbeans & septicola

in rank pandemonium!


7.0's not

neutral, base acidicism

rightspin prediction

not ambi-valent nor a                      

re-tort, schemoviscery, a


boulder new kindless

cataclysm for the Zoe

herethere, everwhere

can/do you hear us, you are listening?

chacun a son gout, oui, well,


not anthropophage,

yet...but the lore made lawless

"How many roads must...?"

asked Taino Kiskeya

came the reply, Ayiti


One who hates his own

when Arawak mountainous land

once...  now percussive

repercussed deep & dark, name-

less, blame to a faultly fault?





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Note: Image-Drawing by Artist-Poet/Collaborant, Terrianne U. Swift;aid=2012920;sk=photos

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