My Husband's Heartbeat

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I had a rough day today

   Putting out fires

Doing damage control


Running here to lend a ear

   Racing there to give a hand

Putting everyone in line before you.

   I had to help!

Who else was going to?

   It's my job

As a daughter and a sister,

   And you understand that.

I came home totally drained,

   Spending my energy trying to fix everybody,

And even I know that,

   Most of my efforts will have been in vain.

Because I am not God,

   And I have no control,

Because it is not up to me,

   What hardships people have to endure.

But when I got home,

   And I so desperately needed to,

Let go...

   You hugged me.

And I rested my head on your chest,

   Listening to your heart,

Like I used to do.

   The bump-bump soothed my worries,

Reminding me that it's okay,

   I don't have to save everyone.

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