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The communication errors and games.

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We’ve been together for a while now.

So he knows when I say:

Baby I don’t care where we eat

He pulls into Wang’s China.

When he says something stupid like:

Are you listening to a damn word I say?

I’ll ignore him because he’s being an ass.

When I say:

No, I don’t care if you go to the bar,

He’s hearing: Yes, I do. Please stay with me.

But, He’ll go anyways.

When he gets back I’ll be “sleeping”: Listening.

And he’ll cuddle real close to me with that liquored breathe

Until he chokes me out, effectively “waking” me up,

And we’ll do the deed, and fall asleep.

He knows that in certain circumstances:

Hell No! We are in PUBLIC you horny toad!

Means: I want you right here, right now.

I don’t give a damn who’s watching.

When pissed at me he’ll say something like:

Do you want me to leave? Because I’ll go If you want.

And In that instance I see my life without him:

But damn it’s hard to swallow down that pride.

Equivocally, I’ll say: Well no, but you brought it up, if you want to, then go.

Playing ball with words, and I just swung a homerun.

He knows when I say:

I’ll love you forever baby. With the slightest hesitation,

I’m really asking: Do you love me anymore?

And he’ll pull me into his arms, and softly whisper


And because we’ve been together so long,

I know he’s at least telling the truth for the

Proceedable future.

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