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The Angel You Sometimes Feel

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"Please don't leave me " is what I said
"Just five more minutes?"
But you ran out to your car instead.

I sat there amazed
You left so easily.
I was confused and dazed.

On your way home you wondered if you were right
To leave me all alone--
Or would you want to hold me tight?

In order to clear my head,
I finally gathered the strength,
And got out of bed.

A wonderful relationship down the drain,
So many memories,
Left me full of pain.

Do you ever think of me?
Or is being forever apart how you want it to be?

My phone rang and chills went up my spine,
Is it you?
Are you wishing once more you were mine?

I heard your voice,
I knew what you wanted,
This time it was my choice.

I knew you wanted me back,
You needed me,
Your heart was beginning to crack.

I jumped in my car,
Started on my way,
Your house isn't very far.

I waited my turn in line,
Then slowly proceeded through that stop sign.

But that truck was going so fast,
The driver couldn't stop,
He plowed into me at last.

I felt my body break,
The firemen came,
I filled with aches.

I laid there on the pavement,
Thinking of "us,"
Remembering all those moments.

My body was covered in blood,
My bones didn't move,
Like I was stuck in mud.

You must have heard the sirens because you came out to see,
But to your surprise,
The girl laying on the pavement was me.

You ran to my side and held me tight,
The medics told you,
"She won't make it through the night."

You knew you were wrong,
You shouldn't have left me,
Now to see me you would have to wait so long.

As you held me in your arms and squeezed my hand,
My heartbeat stopped,
I left for the promised land.

You were full of regrets,
But thanked God,
Because we met.

I died in your arms on that cold concrete,
As angels lifted me up,
From that devilish street.

I am now that angel you sometimes feel,
I will be the strength to help you heal.

The cool wind that blows,
Is me whispering to you,
"I loved you more than you'll ever know."

So when you're alone and nobody cares,
I am that angel that is always there.

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