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Time A bitter reality

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Time.... Never waits 
Does not give another chance
One cannot go back in time
And re-do the undone
Time goes ticking by
Leaving us to chase it aimlessly y
Not realizing 
It has made us its slave
Time rules us

We all run... Making money
To earn more and more

I have everything that money could buy 
My home...
Overlooking the sea...
The best toys my kids could have 

Yet we keep running 
Chasing time
Earning money
Time never seems to be enough
To earn...To be satisfied

Today finally I sit relaxed...
I am a winner
I am where I wanted to be
I have accomplished
All that I ever wanted

Satisfied with what I have gained
I hear a heavy voice in the background
Its good to see you home dad!!!
My son...

When did his voice mature 
From a boy to a man
I missed those years 
When he crawled and stood up
Or took his baby steps

I forget to look at the sea
Sipping into my coffee
I forget to play with him 
With those toys I gifted 
I don't remember reading him a story

I had forgotten to stop and
smell the roses
I did not notice she had grayed...
How did I not realize 
Her face had started to wrinkle

I had forgotten.... That
I stopped getting calls from home
Did they not need me?
Perhaps NO
They were used to my absence

I tried to remember when 
I spoke to him last... 
He who I called my best friend
I don't remember 
sharing a drink with him last
How long has it been, I have taken a walk on the beach
Bare foot... Looking up
At the blue sky
Seeing those birds returning home
The sun setting
Kissing the sea goodbye

Now I want to rewind the time
The time when I can again re- live 
Those little memories
Those little pleasures
Those special moments

I hold her hand to
Wake her up from sleep
To make a new beginning
A new start...
She is cold... She would not open her eyes
I can't rewind the time now
Neither can my money
Bring her back to life

What have I achieved? Loneliness...
What have I lost? Everything that I had

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What an emotional rollercoaster! Just when you think all is well... life throws death at you. I enjoyed this. Thanks

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Thank you

Hope you like the other stuff that i post as well:)


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