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Come With Me

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Come sit with me under my poetry tree and look at the view I saw
When I would sit and stare at this world so many years before.

Sit there beside me and look at me with the sun glowing on your face
You fit perfectly in my world in this naturally beautiful place.

Play word games with me baby, let our urge to taste each other increase,
Let our eyes meet constantly, let our lips curl at the edges and all our cares decrease.

Let me steal a kiss under the creaking branches; let me know you love me too,
Come into my world and let me show you, everything I used to do.

Climb gates, climb trees and smile, then crack an acorn or two with me,
Be in my world and appreciate my life and see everything I used to see.

Let me take pictures from the highest branch, you will hide, but turn to look,
I captured your face underneath my poetry tree, one picture I stole, I took.

Make the sun appear through the blackest clouds; your smile can change the weather,
Listen to my stories of years gone past as we sit in this paradise together.

Let me run ahead and watch you walk, as we leave the field and flee,
My heart jumps around to see you here, walking away from my poetry tree.

Stand on a fence and watch the horses play, see the babbling brooks waters flow,
Walk with me along this country path and love this place I used to know.

You have seen this place and felt my life; we caught a kiss under the poetry tree,
You brought out the sun and sweet cooling breeze; it was everything I wanted it to be.

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Wonderful poem, very natural and easy. The sentiments were uplifting ... poets are normally such a sullen lot that its nice to see this.

Joshua Hennen
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