The Nightmare

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He led me up the garden and we stopped at the garage door
There was nothing said between us but I heard the fire roar.

He grabbed me by my arm and threw me into the dark
The smell of smoke overwhelming then I could see the fiery spark.

His fabric began to crackle and his machines were getting hot,
His furniture started popping and my eyes were stinging a lot.

He locked me in heat and stood watching through the glass door,
He could see my face growing wetter, knowing I couldn’t take anymore.

Panic began to take over and I tried to find away out,
My skin was sticking to the scalding metal, I couldn’t breathe nor shout.

Then I saw his face as clear as day, through the flames and smoke,
His face distorted and evil, it was fear that made me choke.

He didn’t say a word, but spoke volumes with his smile,
His eyes dancing a menacing dance as he watched his burning child.

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