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Invisible Memories

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I’m fading away from you

How I don’t know too soon

In search of the facts I drift to the past

But my memory can no longer do

What it takes to find me with you.

Memories cocooned in a brief glimpse

For a moment I believe in sixth sense

It comes as it goes, but takes longer to know

I remember to slow, it was you.

I’m locked in this room

Weaving broken cartoons

And the ropes of my life tatter to twine

I can’t for the life of me choose

Whether or not if to die is too soon.

Thieves in my mind, steals away most my time

The years, months, even days, all drifting away

I’m afraid lost is the best I can do

This look on my face, has lost all its grace

And the fear in your eyes, comes as no surprise

Please remember me, as I try to remember you.


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We want to so desperately forget those things which are painful so we do everything in our power to attempt to forget, yet we still remember how it feels. I love this piece, it spoke of a time in life all too familiar...

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Thanks for your insight. By the way the piece you just posted (Lust) whoo, red hot fire. Thanks for that.

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