Gasoline Ghettos

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Sour charades 
taint the pill pop parades 
man made malcontents 
dig their own graves 
trail of tear think tanks 
concoct their new pranks 
materializing miasmas 
is mass media mind agendas 

Crawling in the ditches of deficit 
clutching a U-haul blanket 
sipping on a bottle of Johnny 
choking on the ashes of Commies 

Fascist flophouses and the 
caves of the dispossessed 
a vacuum of victims 
stay afraid for no reason 
this exists because of attrition 
an atrophy of citizens 
by senatorial admission 
we are not alone 
we will never know 
of gasoline ghettos and 
oil cartel hotels 
constructed of sand 
by the Devil's right hand man 
he's watching through walls 
he'll subpeona our thoughts 
before we can utter 
after sifting through the clutter of 
force fed-eral falsities 
dictating our policies 
and commanding our beliefs 
our cellphone shackles 
and their media scandals 
make freedom ring 
and liberty sting
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