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Clouds Begin Gathering

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Clouds Begin Gathering:

I am as far away from pompous as one will ever be

It’s just those poetic words come swirling into my head from multi colored seas

Then large black rain clouds begin their gathering and if I don’t release the rain

I’ll drown in agony

I don’t know most the great sooths Sayers, from this, or any century

And I don’t pretend to know what words, make good company

This is something that was born in me, without my giving birth

I grew into a man, and a gave myself one plan, I am, who I am

I’m worth only, what I can be

So don’t look too deep for the hidden wisdom, from old spirit rising gracefully

I don’t pretend that I can marry, and then carry, heavy continents to the sea

But I must admit, I love the taste of this champagne, and its full flavor dignity

But here on the ground, is where I’ll stay, in full sight of true lovers, of poetry

                                                Danial Van Fleet

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