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Music Man

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The lines sink deep into your skin

unfolding they etch a portrait of where you've been

all this time hiding under your palms where life lingers

stretching like grape vines towards the map on your face

with eyes that gaze far into a limitless space

your hands reach high with destiny's lines burned into them

then plunge to the keys to keep up with the pace

slipping, sliding, stumbling and slamming over and across the blacks and whites

lean into a rhythm until it feels right as it lifts that rounded glowing energy

ball of a soul to take flight

you can set time to the notes canvassed into your run away mind

more than one thousand doors to open, you hold the keys

through your hands of whimsical melody

of do's and don'ts, should I's or shouldn't I's

tokens to wander into the mouth of inward abysses

creation, the birthplace of existance

send me a message from the other side, a world too large to actualize

transcribe its devotion to the other end

press deeper into your gift to understand and lace them into the lies of my hand

that read yours so well

Play on, this moment of mystery entire

of music, as that exotic solemn secret

confronts the innocence of desire

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