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Hidden Tears

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There are tears hidden which sleep
In old forgotten wells one would find
Within the crevices buried deep
In my heart's catatonic mind.

There is a fear hidden which sleeps
In a tattered heart torn made tough
Denied that harvest a lover reaps
Never adored never good enough.

There is a pain hidden, which sleeps
Behind every kiss or smile
A river of hurt, cultivated so long, so discreet
It outshines the very Nile.

There is a rage hidden, which sleeps
Curled like a cobra and ready to strike
A bitter tonic once taken, seeks
Retribution and a fight.

There is a disappointment hidden, which sleeps
The harsh reality that you're not the one
A delusion my heart would love to keep
Plaguing me with every rise of the sun.

There is a hope hidden, which sleeps
On a rugged wooden cross
Where blood drawn slowly seeps
Into my heart to heal the loss.

Lord, deliver me from this curse
That some women seem to bear
And quench the insatiable thirst
For the love a man who won't be there.

Teach me Lord to shield my heart
Like a precious treasure trove.
Uproot the bitter anger that would start
To control my life, spread and grow.

There are tears hidden, which sleep
A festering wound left on my soul.
Lord take the pain that's hidden deep
Heal my splintered heart, make me whole.

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I really like the theme of all the different hidden wounds and issues and the hopeful note at the end. :-) Editing notes later on IM or something... -Soulja4Alethia

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