Terminally ill

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It's an epidemic the way you push my limit.
Your rejection and infection seeded in my heart
Corrupting every part of my body and soul.
You make me whole and tear me apart piece by piece.
Death by a thousand cuts a feeling just as sweet
As the torture your love is putting me through.
Where do I find the strength to withstand the pain?
Can you tell me after all I've given, what have I to gain?
I'm fighting the temptation of finding another cure,
Nestled in the arms of another brother,
Caressed in the care of another lover,
Hidden in the blissful atmosphere,
Created by someone who respects me as a peer.
I'm struggling to avoid the contemplation,
Of complicating this temporal situation,
By retreating to an atmosphere of slow music and rose,
Engulfed in the sensual release of being kissed from head to toe
Swept away, reaching for a friend in my hurt,
When you shatter my tender feelings and treat me like dirt.
It's an epidemic the way you push me past my limit
Fatal in your final execution, there's no cure, no pill
Love is the disease and I'm terminally ill.
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