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I Have To Confess

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I Have To Confess

Everything has become such a mess I have to confess that ever since that man in the religious vest promise me this would be the best year a year in which I could
invest my very best and no less.
But then what did he know.

Expecting nothing at the time, minding my own drinking wine, with friends who were happy to let me confide, whilst tipping my hat to those ladies of the sunshine, who passed us by with smiles in their eyes.
I noticed him across the road.

He came upon me without invitation, said he was Mr Intervention, and he was here to change my direction, and for a moment I gave him my full attention, as my friends slipped away not wanting to be a distraction.
Leaving me and him alone.

He came up close to me, said 'listen and I will set you free, listen to my words and I will make you see, that all is behind you and what will be will be, and a new chapter is here and opening up for me'.
This was now a time to roam.

I took his words, put then in my pocket, and began my journey, I took the opportunities as they they were offered to me, I dreamt dreams and indulged in fantasies, unaware of where they were leading me.
I wandered too far from home.

Now I am sat in reflection, a mirrors reflection, a reflection which reveals all my imperfections, showing my true self and the realization, that within me I already hold all the reasons.
And there is no club in which I need to belong.

So why did I believe? What desire within me did he feed? Did he see within the windows of my eyes the need? Or was he just using clever words to fleece me?
Was he a friend or foe?

Everything has become such a mess, I have to confess.

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I like this, it makes me think of AA. Thanks unwanted!

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