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I write and I write til my hand starts to ache

But it’s worth all the pain when the thoughts in my head

Are untangled enough for my mind not to break. 

Like a brain hurricane that will never give in

Anger and joy beat the walls of my skull

But with my secret weapon I’ll drown out the din. 

Pen over paper and flooded with ink,

Drawn down from my head through my neck arm and hand

Come thoughts that I’m no longer able to think 

It starts as a letter, a word then a sentence

Filling page upon page with uncensored reflection

On ridicule, ruthlessness, rage and repentance. 

Like lakes full of mud that get stirred up each day

My big pensive mess was too cloudy to see through,

But now all the mud has been siphoned away. 

Whenever I feel a storm brewing inside,

I know there’s a place I can send all the rain

With writing I know I have nothing to hide

So over the paper I let my pen glide

And like breaking a damn there’s no stopping the tide

Until each little droplet of feeling’s been cried.

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