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I want contentment to impregnate me

I want it to live inside me

Ooze down within me like heated honey.

But this ill-natured skull seems to be in the way

So it appears I must tear off this skull,

In order to pour it all with its perfection, down my throat.

But then this heart would pump it back out, and these veins would assist it,

Therefore with these nails I claw out these spoiled organs from this cavity I created.

There. A nice nest for the satisfaction to thrive-

But wait, these legs would certainly find a way to tip myself over,

And spill my so desired contentment.

Hence, these legs must go!

In their places I have shoved in two rocks.

Surely that will retain it.

But delay!

These corrupt arms and hands will seize from me my prize!

Off with you, you come!

And so they were expelled.

But now, from these young wounds my contentment drains,

And I am but a seeping carcass;

A trunk of a tree, with no limbs to maneuver with.

Surely, I, in this state, am not content.

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