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A secret love

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Her name is unimportant to me 

But for all her beauty she is Aphrodite 

The goddess of love the goddess of my heart 

And I hate it whenever she and I are apart 

She doesn’t know how I feel 

Although there are times when I hope she will 

Whenever I see her, my heart yearns for her embrace 

Because in my dreams, all I can see is her sweet face 

I want to be strong enough to tell her “I love you” 

And I want her to know that my love is true 

I yearn, I ache, I long for, desire and pine for 

For her to love me, to stop my heart from being so sore 

I would do whatever it takes to be with her always 

To see her for the rest of my long, lonely days 

“I love you” is what I long to say 

But I don’t know the safest way 

I fear the pain that she might bring 

Yet I want to give her a ring 

I want to tell her “Be mine, my love” 

And see her, as graceful as a dove 

But yet I fear what pain might do 

If she does not love me too 

So I sit and watch, and do nothing but stare 

At a love so true that it’s rare 

One day, perhaps I may tell her how I feel 

Even if my heart, the words might kill 

But until I have courage, we stay apart 

Even though it is tearing at my heart 

Will I have the courage? I doubt it 

Is this why I stare and sit 

“I love you” Three little words, one small speech 

And if I say them, my love will reach 

To her heart, and pull her close to me 

So that she and I, we might actually be 

But until that day, we stay apart 

Even though I love her with all of my heart 

If she reads this, I hope she knows my love is true 

And I hope that she might say to me “I…I love you”

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I love the stuttered end to this

Anna Leigh
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Thank you. It felt right when I wrote it, and when I am writing, my feelings do the writing for me.

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