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The Labradorescent Eye

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expanding the space and time that exists in my mind

a battlefield of thoughts

the pieces ravaged like an old familiar testament i no longer vow to appeal

why not sustain the tone of light until we are blinded by reality

a world of infinite water

drowning in air

can you feel the torrential compartments in your brain?

filling up with blood & chaos until the ship sinks

and we are treading on an ocean of uncertainty

do not be afraid

let it in

accept the truth that the universe will eventually collapse on itself

and we will be left standing on hallow ground

accept the lies that we've been told




that keep us from finding that labradorescent eye that sees all.

they want you to believe the trash they speak so you can recycle it

and use it again & again

a mug that's been drilled through

your favorite shoes that have lost it's sole

music with no sound

you live life without love

and love without purpose

anthropomorphic pictures in time

gentle creature, cotton faces

fossilized by time

destroyed by man

murdered by god

saved by the slaves of ingenuity

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I really liked this!

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