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She’s So Ergonomic

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She's so ergonomic

Fits just like a glove

She’s so ergonomic

custom-made for love

She’s so ergonomic

Suits me to a tee

She’s so very ergonomic to me

She’s so analgesic

Cures what ails my mind

She’s so analgesic

Makes me feel just fine

She’s so analgesic

She’s my love-time remedy

She’s so very analgesic to me

There's so many words 

I could use to describe her

I can tick them off one by one, A to Z

There is only one book that 

lists everything that’s inside her

It’s The Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

She’s so altruistic

She always does what’s right

She’s so altruistic

Giving it up all night

She’s so altruistic

I love her generosity

She’s so very altruistic to me

She’s energetic, prophetic,

electric, kinetic

She crackles and pops

She’s instructive, deductive, 

inductive, seductive. 

She’s really the tops

She’s so wistful and blissful, 

so easy to kiss, you’ll, 

you’ll have to admit

When it comes to being a woman 

she is the one and the only it

She’s so copasetic

She makes things correlate

She’s so copasetic

Always keeping me straight

She’s so copasetic

I think we would all agree

She’s so very copasetic to me

What’s that again?

She’s ergonomically, analgesicly

altruistically so copasetic to me

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Nice play with words! Is this supposed to go with music? It sounds like it could be sung!

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Thanks. It is a song. There's not really a place here for lyrics, so I put it up as poetry.

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