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Killin time

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A solid sense of passing time

Yet immobilized Inside I am a lake of fire

I'm trapped in this never ending thresh hold

Of in and out to find it's only my breathe

My heart beating my hand feigning life

A hand so blurred by the wind

Only eyes can see,

Only ears can hear,

But my heart beats as one part of both,

I can feel his hand with the fingers of my heart,

Moving slowly down my sweat slicked body, as I quake inside,

I can see his eyes with the crimson eyes of my heart,

Hazy chocalote mint eyes fuzzy to me,

I can hear him breathe in and exhale so slowly,

A rhythym of in and out,

Hearing only reaches me further into his eyes,

Into ecstasy, into the moment shared with him,

Seing only makes this heart rumble louder in me,

Relax heart of mine,

Just be one with the rise and fall of his chest,

With the musky scent of his flesh,

and the lumbering of time passing by.

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