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Black ebony swarms your gravely eyes traveling down like a swirl of smoke. I travel deep in your twisted jungles' heap traveled lonely traveled on blind faith; Yet still I travel:
Twisted willow I sweep my hand and it seeps like sand, a dissapating dream, fill up my head with tangible storybook romance, Pouring from my eyesockets like soured milk.
Speak loudley, forms like billowing clouds in a thunderstorm---


Flitting Golden Liquid so bright it fries images on my brain, lasting only breathes, and then darkness again.

Tongues pink like taffy, spongy like a louvre; liquid like soap, Spill words of idiocy, ludicity down the funnel to my reservior: [My ears]. Teeth like tic-tac tablets, graze my earlobe in jolts, They are tiny sparks of lightning pinching my self to reality. OR IS IT INSANITY?!

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