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Take a needle and sew my lips together tight-
For i fear i'll probably say something stupid-
Take my eyelids and glue them shut-
So I cannot see the sun's fading light-

Nail my twitching hands to my knees-
No, better yet set them free from me-
For i see no such use in wandering hands-
Only germs, infection, and troubles' gained-

Take my legs and chop them off-
Replace them with flimsy paper wings-
Make my brain a seperate being-
So i cannot regret the loss of such things-

And last of all, take this beating heart-
Trap it with its fluttering gasps in a box-
Drop it down a cliff, and drag it through the sea-
but please remember to bring it back to me-

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Very good poem... you show alot of promise. Personally, I would remove the word "together" from the first line but thats my only criticism. Otherwise, its a well constructed and fresh poem with vivid imagery.

Joshua Hennen
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This is very good. The starkness of the imagery gives a sense of dreadful resignation to an inevitable outcome. The last line is both touching and sad. Well done.

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