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I’m running out of money so this will have to do

But I made this special from napkins this little paper flower

I did it because I found you beautiful before me

Since your love is cheap, just as a little paper flower


I think you’re very special, too, with eyes so fine

So I’ll give you something better, this little wildflower

I picked it to put behind your ear so smooth

Because it’s easy to reach from here, like a little wildflower


But you are a masterpiece of womanly creation to admire

And for your fair face, I present this little bought flower

I’ll hand it over with a flourish to impress you

As I know your heart is easily moved by my little bought flower


And now that I’ve taken what I want from you

You’ll keep that memory beside your little dead flower


I’ve spent you with all those gifts of little flowers

And you never once noticed how they faded into nothing

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